KPIIOT Online Demo
KPIIOT Online Demo

In order to make it easier for users to try the powerful functions of King Pigeon cellular industrial IoT RTU, Cellular IoT Gateways and other IoT Devices, and the cloud platform, King Pigeon R&D department prepared a series IoT products and connected to the KPIIOT for test purpose for you. 

You are welcome to test them by login with undermentioned test account,and if you request video to check,Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the demo, the user can test below:

1) Real time read the demo box power consumption, please see the STC-RS485 device and its historical data, and output the historical data or photograph;

2) Modify the trigger terms in KPIIOT to switch ON/OFF Relays at another remote device.

Demo Account Information:

KPIIOT Demo Link: http://www.My-RTU.COM
Demo Account: KingPigeon
Password: 123456

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